About Me

Hello and thank you for visting my blog!  If you have visited my website, I am sure you have already been able to read about my education and professional background in photography.  So this "About Me"  is designed to give you a bit more personal insight into who I am.

Well I grew up in MA and moved to FL in 2004 to pursue my dreams as a professional photographer and business owner.  Florida was my location of choice because I grew up with the dream of photographing weddings at Walt Disney World.  I thankfully can admit that dream has come true and I have been photographing Disney weddings now for the past 7 years. 

I have the most wonderful husband in the world and I absolutely love our life together!  We also have the most adorable dog named Bailey...he is our little baby!  As you can tell by viewing my website and blog, I love weddings!  I am a huge sap and love everything about a wedding down to the smallest details.  I am a huge Red Sox fan, as well as Celtics fan...and my husband has converted me into a 49ers fan.  So I guess you could say I Love sports! I also love dance, theatre and anything on Broadway.  My husband and I love to travel and have many plans to travel the world in our future. 

I love people and I love meeting different people from around the world each day.  Life is an adventure and I want to experience all that I can in this lifetime and enjoy every second of it! One of my favorite things is being able to have a positive affect on someone else and being able to capture memories that will make people happy for lifetimes to come.  I realize I am incredibly blessed to have been given my talents and abilitites as a photographer and I am thankful for that.  I am lucky to have a profession that I am passionate about and truly love. 

I wish anyone who reads this the best in life and the ability to create your own "Happliy Ever After".  Thank you for visitng my blog and feel free to contact me anytime.  You might also enjoy following me on facebook.  www.facebook.com/reginahymanphotography